Custom wine cellars contractor in Knoxville
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Custom Wine Cellars

Are you looking for the finest custom wine cellar craftsman in Knoxville to help you create and install the perfect wine cellar for your home? Look no further. For years, Blair House has been the trusted local custom wine cellar craftsman for luxury home owners.

Our expert artisans will create your wine cellar exactly as desired for your home.

We create everything related to custom wine cellars, including wine storage, wine racking, tasting tables, furniture along with wine cellar cooling.

Blair House will build the perfect home wine cellar to properly store your wine collection.

We will custom design and build wine racking with architectural elements that will create the exact look and functionality that you are seeking in your new custom wine cellar.

We have been offering custom wine cellars in Knoxville and surrounding areas for years. Some of the finest homes in Knoxville have our very own hand-crafted wine cellars!

custom wine cellar contractor of Knoxville